May 2021 Toronto COVID Lockdown Update:
Our clinic is able to remain open for all services. Your health and safety is important to us. Be assured that all safety measures and PPE are used at all times in our facility. Thank you for your ongoing trust in us.
Our COVID Policies and Procedures can be found here.

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Healthcare for the Entire Family
Healthcare for the Entire Family
Pain & Injury Rehabilitation
Pain & Injury Rehabilitation

Injury Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

Getting to the cause of pain through
Chiropractic Care

Integrative Healthcare
Integrative Healthcare

Offering treatments covered through Motor Vehicle Accidents, Workplace Injuries and Extended Healthcare Insurance

Welcome to Upper Beach Health and Wellness, a multidisciplinary, hands-on therapeutic centre located in Toronto’s east end.

We take a functional approach to supportive and preventative health care, offering various complementary health therapies including chiropractic care, contemporary medical acupuncture, naturopathy, physiotherapy and massage.

We believe in an individualized and more personal approach to family wellness, spending more time with our visitors to assist in rehabilitation, pain & injury, movement & function restoration and especially general wellness. We strive to seek out the root of any problems and not just deal with the pain.

We are available to answer any questions you may have about certain conditions or what treatment options may suit your needs. For more information or to make an appointment, please visit us at: 1937 Gerrard Street East, call (416) 627-5006 or info@upperbeach

Learn about the health benefits of: Chiropractic | Acupuncture | Naturopathy | Physiotherapy | Massage | Custom Orthotics